Fire Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression Systems Atlanta


Fire Alarms & Extinguishers Atlanta


Fire Extinguishers Atlanta

Fire Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Sprinkler Sales Inspections & Service Atlanta

Welcome to Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Company, a trusted name in Atlanta for fire extinguishers, fire and safety equipment and fire protection services for over 30 years.

Fire Alarms & Extinguishers Atlanta

Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher company is a full service fire extinguisher and fire protection equipment company. Based in Atlanta, Georgia metro area, we provide fire prevention and fire suppression services to Atlanta Georgia metro area, neighboring cities and counties and south to Macon, Georgia. We sell and ship fire protection equipment throughout the country and pride ourselves in quality products, fair prices and exceptional service. We are fully licensed and certified by the State of Georgia and NICET.

Please review our products and services and give us a call if you have any questions.

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Members of:

National Fire Protection Assc.
National Fire Protection Association

Fire Alarms & Extinguishers Atlanta
Georgia Association of Fire Safety Equipment Dealers

Fire sprinklers Atlanta
Georgia Fire Sprinkler Association

National Association fire equipent dealers
National Association
of Fire Equipment Dealers

National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies



Fire Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression Systems
Metro Atlanta & Georgia

Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Company provides Metro Atlanta and Georgia Fire Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, , Fire Alarms & Fire Suppression Systems, including kitchen fire systems, paint spray booth systems and clean agent systems. We also provide exit and emergency lighting service and are also a fire protection and safety equipment dealer. Our fire protection technicians are certified in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama. Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Company can ensure your company is in compliance with state and local fire protection requirements. We are fully licensed and insured to provide Fire & Safety Inspection Services and Fire Protection Equipment Sales and Installation Services.  Phone (770)591-5271.

Buy Fire Protection Products Here: fire sprinklers, fire sprinkler escutcheons, fire extinguisher cabinets, emergency lighting, emergency lighting replacement bulbs and batteries, safety & warning signs, and other fire protection equipment.


Fire Extinguishers Sales & Service

Portable Fire Extinguisher sales, fire inspection & installation services. We offer Ansul, Amerex, Buckeye, Badger & Kidde Extinguishers. We also have wheeled fire extinguishers and special purpose fire extinguishers & brackets.   Fire Extinguisher Brackets here.



Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, metal or ABS for interior and exterior application. We sell quality Potter Roemer, Larson, J. L. Industries Fire Extinguisher Cabinets  & Brooks ABS Fire Extinguisher Cabinets. Quality products, superior service and fire prices. Buy Fire Extinguisher Cabinets here.


Fire Alarms, Pull Stations, Covers


Fire Alarms, Pull Stations, Covers

We sell and install Bosch & Fire-Lite Alarm Systems. We provide fire alarm inspections and service all types of fire alarms, security alarms and emergency alarm systems such as  Honeywell, Ademco, Notifier, EdwardsEST, Simplex and Silent Knight. Buy fire alarms, pull stations, alarm protectors here.

Fire Sprinkler Sales & Service


Fire Sprinkler Sales, Inspection Service

Fire Sprinkler Sales Inspections & Service for residential fire sprinkler systems, commercial wet and dry fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, fire hydrants, back-flow preventers, and pre-action systems. We sell Viking, Globe, Tyco & Reliable fire sprinkler parts. Buy Viking Fire Sprinkler heads and accessories  here.



Emergency Lighting & Batteries
Emergency Lighting & Batteries

Exit & Emergency Lighting & Batteries

Exit & Emergency Lighting Inspections and replacement bulbs and batteries for a variety of manufactures & applications are available. The most popular exit & emergency lights and replacement batteries and bulbs we sell  may be ordered on-line. Buy Exit & Emergency Lighting, Batteries & Bulbs here.



Fire Extinguisher & Warning Signs

Fire Extinguisher & Warning Signs

Fire Extinguisher & Warning Signs and labels include fire extinguisher signs, exit signs, danger signs, no smoking signs, FDC fire connection signs, fire sprinkler signs, photoluminescence exit and fire extinguisher signs, and others.  Buy Fire Extinguisher and Warning Signs here.


Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems, industrial fire suppression sytems, FM200 Clean Agent Systems sales, installation, inspection and maintenance. Featuring the Ansul R102 Kitchen Fire Suppression System. Read more about our fire suppression products & services here.

Fire Protection & Safety Services Atlanta

Fire Protection & Safety Services

Fire Suppression Systems Inspections,
Clean Agent Systems Installation,  Hydrostatic Testing, Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation, Paint Spray Booth Fire Systems, Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Installation & Inspections. Read more about our Fire System Services



badger fire extinguishers Atlanta buckeye fire extinguishers Atlanta
Ansul fire extinguishers Atlanta
Amerx fire extinguishers Atlanta

Ansul, Badger, Amerex & Buckey Fire Extinguishers Sales & Service

Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Company is totally focused on customer satisfaction.  Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of attention sets us apart from others in the fire protection industry.  We are licensed with the State of Georgia and  NICET certified for every service we provide and D.O.T. approved for hydrostatic testing. We are a proud member of the National Fire Protection Association, the Georgia Fire Sprinkler Association and the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors. We are founding members and  also serve on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Association of Fire Safety Equipment Dealers.

We are a full service fire sprinkler company, and can service everything from  basic residential sprinkler systems to commercial wet and dry systems, fire pumps, fire hydrants, backflow preventers, and pre-action systems.

You can also depend on us for fire alarm system needs. We are a Bosch distributor, and have in depth experience with many other fire alarm product lines such as Firelite, Honeywell and Silent Knight. Both fire and security monitoring can be provided as well.

Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Company can satisfy all of your fire suppression needs, which includes the inspection, service, and installation of commercial kitchen fire suppression systems.  We specialize in industrial application systems such as paint booths and other special hazards including FM200 Clean Agent Systems for computer server and electrical rooms. 

Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Company is one of the few authorized Ansul, Inc. distributors in the State of Georgia. We also provide sales and service for brands such as Buckeye, Amerex, Badger Fire Extinguishers, Range Guard and Badger Industrial Fire Suppression systems, as well as Pyro-Chem Fire Suppression Systems.  All fire protection products sold by Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Co., Inc., are warranted.

Most of all, Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Company will assist you in any way possible to ensure that you have the most up to date fire and safety protection plan at the fairest price.  Please allow us to provide you with a prompt quotation on our superior sales and service.

Justin Fuglio
Vice President



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